• Bin Buddy


    My idea is to create an interactive bin which teaches kids to dispose of their litter properly.

    This GI venture seeks to address the massive problem of littering in our schools, and the missed opportunity to teach kids about caring for the environment.

    To address this problem Bin Buddy rewards kids with a smiley face 🙂 when they put their rubbish in the bin. This makes picking up litter fun and a habit. This makes litter collection not just an act of responsibility, but also a fun and habit-forming experience for kids.


    Millie Toy

  • Coastal Design Studio 


    My idea is to simplify the process of the product development pipeline and delivery to market.

    The problem the GI venture is seeking to solve is that the industry currently has multiple points of contact when bringing a product to market, which can often be intimidating and expensive.

    To address this problem, Coastal Design Studio will act as one point of contact when developing a product and bringing it to market, offering the complete pipeline in services (branding, marketing, social media, web design and development, e-commerce and manufacturing). This will cut costs and save time and provide a hassle-free experience that empowers businesses to focus on what truly matters.


    Milan Kruger

  • Eco-Savers


    My idea is to cultivate stronger connections between local communities and the environment through a membership initiative, similar to Scouts, that focuses on providing education about sustainable environmental practices and encouraging engagement using incentives.

    The problem this GI venture seeks to address is the lack of consistently available options, regarding environmental sustainability, that the community can identify and rally behind.

    By offering a cohesive, community-oriented platform, Eco-Savers aims to not only inform but also inspire action, helping entire communities take meaningful steps toward a more sustainable future.


    Kaila Freeman

  • Forever Alive


    Pot plants are very difficult to take care of!  We’re not all green thumbs, but we all love plants – keeping them alive can be a true struggle.

    That is why this GI venture is creating a smart self-watering pot, which is linked to an app. This app reminds and teaches pot plant owners how to care for their plant, ensuring it is receiving the right amount of water, sunlight and humidity. The pot plant has the ability to reuse water, therefore reducing water wastage and carbon emissions, purifying the air and making the growth of food and plants easier.

    As we like to say, ‘Don’t let them die’ – introducing Forever Alive!


    Laura Sadler

  • Ocean Ears


    My idea is to create handcrafted, stylish, and sustainable accessories using upcycled plastics found on local beaches and setting them in eco-friendly resin.

    The problem this GI venture is  seeking to solve is the increasing accumulation of plastic waste on our beaches and in our oceans, which poses significant environmental risks to marine life and ecosystems.

    To address this,Ocean Ears transforms discarded beach plastics into beautiful wearable art. This venture not only aims to clean up our waterways but also raises awareness about the importance of sustainability. By wearing Ocean Ears, you are not only wearing a piece of art but a piece of change. Become an activist for the environment with Ocean Ears.


    Liv Gilchrist

  • PelletPonics


    My idea is to create a sustainable food source.

    The problem this GI venture seeks to solve is the unsustainability of food production.

    To address this problem PelletPonics uses fish and yabbies to grow plants in a custom designed system that delivers a cost effective, sustainable food source. 


    Ryan Morrison

  • Sleep Saviour


    This GI venture will create a web platform that provides clinical hypnosis to support families having more restful nights. 

    The problem this GI venture is addressing is the ongoing issue of parents struggling to support their children who experience sleep deprivation, anxiety, ADHD, emotional trauma, and other mental health issues. Statistics show that children who struggle to sleep young also have developmental delays. 

    Sleep Savior will address the issue by providing clinical hypnosis stories and lullabies that are adjusted to the child’s wants and needs. This will help with sleep across the whole household, therefore helping the overall mental health.


    Evangeline Kerrigan

  • Solbot


    This GI venture aims to make solar panel cleaning safe, easy and affordable. 

    Manual solar panel cleaning methods are dangerous, difficult and expensive. This causes owners to avoid the regular maintenance that is needed to keep the panels efficient and environmentally beneficial.

    Solbot will utilise autonomous drone technology to replace the dangerous and labour-intensive manual cleaning process.


    Arno Mens

    Charlie Bidgood

  • Sunwrite


    My idea is to create a sunscreen applicator similar to a roller ball pen to enable sunscreen to be applied to the hairline and scalp.

    The problem this GI venture seeks to address is the high percentage of sun related skin cancer that originates on the scalp.

    To address this issue Sunwrite can be used to prevent sunburn on the scalp when a hat cannot be worn for protection (for example, while playing some sports or swimming at the beach). This will help support the sun safe message.  


    Stella King

  • Swim Safe


    My idea is to create a wristband device that monitors young swimmers.  If the swimmer gets into trouble, the device alerts the parent, carer, and anyone nearby to ensure immediate action is taken. 

    The problem this GI venture solves is drownings due to parents and carers not being aware that young swimmers are in trouble.

    This GI venture, Swim Safe, is a wristband that sends notifications, firstly to a dedicated mobile app, and secondly, as a Bluetooth notification, to any nearby devices.


    Jack Bannister