Welcome to the GI Challenge

A challenge for 15 to 25 year olds to start their own businesses

The first of its kind anywhere in the world, the GI Challenge connects budding young entrepreneurs with the marketplace in a way never seen before. By throwing together the old and the new, we’re uncovering the next breed of business founders on the Sunshine Coast.

Stage 1: Registration

Young entrepreneurs who think they have what it takes to start their own business apply to contest the GI Challenge.

Stage 2: Originate

Selected participants come together for a one-day face-to-face Summit where the Entrepreneurs develop their business ideas and concepts with training from the GI team and guidance from their Mentors. After the Originate Summit, the Entrepreneurs attend two Bootcamps, one online and one face-to-face, to further refine their business ideas and concepts, build out their business models and kick start their market research.

Stage 3: Polish

During the Polish phase, Entrepreneurs work with the GI team, their Mentors and a number of Specialist Gurus to finalise their business concepts. They also start planning to present their Ventures to the Shortlisting Panel – a panel of local business experts.

Stage 4: Shortlisting

Entrepreneurs present their Ventures to the Shortlisting Panel, a panel of local business leaders, hoping to secure their place as one of the top three finalist Ventures that will continue onto the final stages the GI Challenge.

Stage 5: The Video Pitch

The top three finalist Ventures work with GI’s videographer and marketing team to develop their video Pitches. The video Pitches showcase the Entrepreneurs’ Ventures and are critical in deciding the ultimate winner the GI Challenge.

Stage 6: Pitch Night

The top three finalist Ventures are judged by a Panel of local business experts and the winner of the GI Challenge is decided and announced. The Panel considers a number of elements including the Entrepreneurs’ video Pitches and their responses during the Panel/Entrepreneur Q&A.