Holographic Estate

The problem this GI Team seeks to address is that homebuyers and renters struggle to imagine how a property might look if they lived it in. Once you move your own furniture into a home and adjust the place for your way of life, it can look substantially different from the home that was marketed to you, which can be what makes house buying often misleading. This team needed to come up with a new idea/medium to eliminate this issue.

What we propose is to introduce a new medium to housing advertisement. The general consensus is to provide potential buyers/renters with the ability to view a house through a simplistic mobile app client, which is intended to be linked through already existing real estate sales mediums. This removes the need for buyers to be off put traveling to multiple locations to look at a house. Through our mobile app potential buyers will gain complete viewing and customisation access. Imagine being able to move furniture, change the house colour, even do a complete renovation if you so desire… all at your fingertips. Through Holographic Estate we will make that vision a reality.